My latest body of work “The Originality of Form” was inspired by two salvage yard objects, which became the work “Detroit Relic.”  The series is an exploration of shape and transformation.  My intention is to create original compositions of form out of previously functional objects. I am exploring form without being overtly specific as to give the viewer a succinct reference.  I am also trying to maintain some of the original aesthetic that the objects had prior to their manipulation.  The fabrication is highly technical and I am fascinated with the process of making these sculptures.  I am also exploring visual texture and surface quality in some of my pieces.  The layers of paint in select works have a unique history that references time, wear, and process. These layered pieces lend themselves to a simple clear coat, while the others benefit from a uniformly painted surface as opposed to revealing the original exterior.

-John Callaghan Williams

Vimeo Artist Portrait Video : John Callaghan Williams